Suppliers Overview

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As a supplier for BPG, you’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits that can help your business thrive. Builders purchasing group works hard to highlight specific suppliers with the best programs so that we lower your cost of sales while concurrently increasing your sales volume. 

In addition to reducing your cost of sales, joining BPG can also help you increase loyalty among your customers. By partnering with us on programs and pricing, you’ll have the opportunity to reach your target customers and expand your market penetration through the customers BPG will refer to you. This means you’ll be able to develop loyal, repeatable customers who will keep coming back to you for their construction needs. 

So look no further than BPG to partner with and reduce bid work, reach new customers, and grow your revenue today.

1. Attract

BPG grows its membership organically and through organizational partnerships that understand the value of a group purchasing organization. From there, we aggregate spend volume across material and service categories so that we can partner with suppliers that best meet the needs of our members.

2. Partner

With the material needs of our members top-of-mind, BPG seeks to partner with suppliers who want to grow their businesses and realize the value of working closely with the focused and dedicated members of BPG.

3. Grow

As BPG members utilize the pricing programs we setup for them, the hope is that we are building an ecosystem of members and suppliers that is mutually beneficial and fosters growth in sales and profits. 


Builders Purchasing Group is committed to partnering and growing the construction industry in ways that provide maximum value for its members and suppliers. The time to expand your customer base with a low cost to serve is now.